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No Funding? No problem! How Overflow Services Support In-House Teams

One of the biggest challenges for in-house legal teams is convincing the C-suite to add another attorney. With affordable overflow support services like Out-House Attorneys – cost is no longer a hurdle.

Decision-makers are more likely to approve funding for "short term overflow support" to help get through a busy period, reduce backlog, or backfill a resignation.

This is because overflow support services (like Contract Overflow Support) are significantly cheaper than outside counsel, avoid the costs of employee benefits, and can be seamlessly terminated.

How Does it Work?

One of our attorneys meets virtually with your team to learn more about your needs, align expectations, and define operational nuances (e.g. minimally-acceptable contract terms).

Your team then uses the assigned attorney the same way you would use a new member of your in-house team. Plug them into your business workflows, upload work to a cloud, or email work directly with instructions.

We can even complete orientation or work on a company-issued laptop to comply with security policies.

In most cases, our attorneys can operate completely autonomously within a week - much faster than new employees!

There is no minimum term, and your business can terminate the engagement immediately upon notice. No messy severance or unemployment insurance - just a fond farewell and best wishes!

Ready to get started? Contact Out-House Attorneys to discuss the many ways we can provide overflow support.

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