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What do businesses want from their attorney and trusted advisor?

  • Quick Turnarounds

  • Reliability

  • Clear Communication

  • Advice Grounded in Commercial Reality

  • Affordability

  • Return on Investment


That's exactly what we deliver!

We're not interested in nickel-and-diming you, or turning our clients' bottom line into ours. We want real partnership, and so we're committed to delivering fast, affordable, and reliable legal and business services. 


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Most contract disputes arise from what is not in the contract – the things that “go without saying.” We make sure that nothing does.


With global experience preparing multi-million-dollar contracts, the Out-House team can review, negotiate, or draft the legal documents you need so there's no surprises down the road.

Our contract services include: 

  • Master Services Agreements (MSAs)

  • Statements of Work (SOWs)

  • Data Processing Agreements

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreements

  • Software Licenses

  • Vendor Agreements

  • Sales Agreements

  • Privacy Policies

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Purchase Agreements

  • Professional Services Contracts

  • Contractor Agreements

  • Employment Agreements

  • Platform As A Service Agreements (Paas)

  • Infrastructure As A Service Agreements (IaaS)

  • Commercial Real Estate Leases & Subleases

  • Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, and Confidentiality Agreements

  • Advisor Agreements

  • Key Opinion Leader Contracts (KOL)

  • Client Contracts

  • Teaming Agreements & Subcontracts

  • Client Contracts

  • Government Contracts

  • Policies, & Procedures customized to your organization

  • And much, much more!

We avoid ‘over-lawyering’ deals so that "it's with legal" doesn't mean a loss of momentum or new business. We'll get you off to the best start, on time, and on the best terms.


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The new frontier is here – Data Protection & Privacy. As states, countries, and economic zones create a patchwork of varying data protection laws, careful navigation and a comprehensive compliance strategy have never been more important.


With experience implementing data protection compliance programs from scratch, Out-House Attorneys can assist with:

  • Making sure your agreements include the necessary provisions and protections

  • Preparing Compliance Policies & Procedures (including CCPA Privacy Policies)

  • Completing Data Security Matrixes & Audits (including PCI & SOC audits)

  • Assessing Data Protection Measures for Partners & Vendors

  • Preparing Data Processing Agreements (DPAs)

Contact us to start building or updating your data security program today.


Mishandling employee issues costs businesses billions of dollars every year.


We give your HR department the legal assistance today's regulatory landscape demands, and employ mitigation strategies to reduce your risks of getting sued.

Our support includes:

  • Advising on OSHA and EEOC compliance issues (including COVID-19 response plans)

  • Ensuring compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Service Contract Act (SCA)

  • Drafting Employment Contracts & 1099 Contractor Agreements

  • Advising on employment termination decisions

  • Mediating disputes between team members

  • Drafting & Negotiating Severance Agreements

  • Preparing Employee Handbooks & Company Policies

Contact us today for peace of mind.



Year-round commercial and government contract management requires serious attention to detail. Every year, businesses leave millions of dollars on the table because they fail to effectively negotiate and manage their contracts.

Fortunately, Out-House Attorneys is here to help keep you Client & Vendor contracts in order.

Costing less than the average Contract Administrator position, Out-House delivers year-round attorney-level contract management, including: 

  • Initial Solicitation and Request for Proposal (RFP) Review

  • Execution Monitoring

  • Obligation Performance Tracking

  • Missing Document Management

  • Key Dates Tracking (e.g. price indexation, expirations)

  • Secure Document Storage

  • Reporting Requirements Auditing

  • Invoice Auditing; and

  • Compensation Adjustments (e.g. Wage Determination Escalations & Equitable Adjustments).

Join the growing number of businesses using our Ongoing Contract Management service to meet their year-round contract management needs.



Commercial collections can be tricky. They can sometimes be a difficult choice between collecting on the invoice, and keeping the client.


With the help of Out-House Attorneys, it doesn’t need to be one or the other.

We have carefully honed our approach to maximize the chances and value of payment, while still preserving your professional partnerships.

Best of all, if we don't collect - you don't pay!

Contact us today so we can focus on your receivables, and you can focus on your business.



We know how to help the C-suite because we’ve been in the C-seats! 


With award-winning executive experience, Out-House takes pride in its ability to perform enterprise-wide assessments and implement operational and contractual improvements that impact the bottom-line.

From corporate culture curation to high-stakes renegotiation of critical contracts, our Corporate Consulting services add a second set of professional eyes to help you see the big picture.

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