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For too long, businesses were forced to choose between paying the ludicrous hourly fees of outside counsel or hiring a full-time in-house lawyer.

Our founder believed that businesses deserve better. They deserve an attorney that doesn't charge them for every thought, call, and email. They deserve competent advice from a lawyer who knows their business inside-and-out without having to pay a full-time salary marked-up by statutory fringe benefits. They deserve on-demand access to their legal advisor.

They deserve real choice.

Our founder set out to create a solution that combines the scalable nature of the outside counsel with the intimate partnership that comes from hiring an in-house attorney. 

The 'Out-House' Attorney.

In 2020, Out-House Attorneys was launched to provide real choice to businesses. A legal service that lets the client choose:


    How much they pay for their legal counsel

  • What work they want their attorney to perform; and

  • When it's time to seamlessly disengage.

Out-House Attorneys gives businesses a long-overdue choice to decide how they meet their legal needs.


We hope you choose us.


Business first. Good commercial practices are at the core of everything that we do. We approach every situation from a business perspective. Our goal is for you to walk away feeling like we made a real, positive impact on the way your business operates.

Honest service. Let’s be honest. Attorneys have a bad reputation for high legal fees and unexpected bills. That’s not our style. We are committed to transparent and predictable pricing—so much so, that you can find our pricing right here on our website. Simply put, we do not bill any time that does not create value. And we cultivate straightforward, honest relationships from the get-go. We tell you the truth and advise you as if your business was our own.

Value creation. We’re obsessed with providing a return on your investment. We aim to generate 3x as much value for our clients than what they pay. And we empower our clients to learn from our counsel, so they do not need to depend on us in the long-term.

Genuine partnership. We don’t have partners within our law firm, we have partners in our clients. Our team is an extension of your business. We are invested in your growth, success, and overall satisfaction. We will collaborate with you to solve your problems and tailor our solutions to your specific needs.


Approachable expertise. Long gone are the days of traditional, stuffy advisors. We like to have fun, while maintaining our professionalism. Our team is adaptable, working with whatever modes of communication you prefer—from phone calls to Slack messages. Our goal is for you to feel at ease knowing that everything is going to be taken care of efficiently and professionally.