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What is General Counsel as a Service (GCaaS)?

Traditional General Counsel is a salaried attorney employed by an organization to manage its legal functions. General Counsel as a Service ("GCaaS") is the use of an attorney outside the organization to perform these functions for a fixed monthly fee.

Outside General Counsel performing GCaaS fulfill the same functions as traditional General Counsel, including:

  • Reviewing, Drafting, and Negotiating Contracts

  • Managing Leasing Agreements

  • Resolving Employment Issues

  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

  • Risk Mitigation & Management

  • Intellectual Property Management & Protection

  • Assisting Executive-Level Decision-Making; and

  • Collaborating with internal teams to provide enterprise-wide support as needed. 

By combining the power of legal tech tools with the experience of attorneys with Am Law 100, Fortune 500 and In-House experience, Out-House Attorneys provides the most sophisticated and affordable GCaaS solution available.  

How It Works

Your organization is matched with an attorney whose experience and skills meet your needs. Working with your team on an ongoing basis, your Out-House Attorney becomes increasingly acquainted with your operations and culture, and ensures that every project is seen through to completion.

Depending on the level of engagement you select, your dedicated attorney meets your day-to-day legal needs as your fractional General Counsel or full-time Out-House Attorney.

You can interview and select your counsel before engaging, and can end the engagement at any time.

Why Use


Traditional in-house lawyers can be expensive, slow, and lack perspective. Conversely, traditional outside counsel remain stuck in a 'buy/sell' dynamic that forces them to focus on their fees instead of value-creating service.

GCaaS allows companies to affordably manage their day-to-day legal needs without carrying a full-time salary, fringe benefits, or the ludicrous hourly fees of outside counsel.

It has quickly become the preferred solution for digitally-mature companies tired of the administrative and financial burden of managing a full-time attorney, but still interested in intimate partnership.

Enjoy on-demand access to your Out-House Attorney that costs less as your hours increase.


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*Discount calculated from standard hourly rate.