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What is Contract Overflow Support?

Our Contract Overflow Support service helps your internal sales and marketing teams to review, negotiate, and finalize high volumes of commercial contracts under tight deadlines.

Relying on real-world business experience, our attorneys avoid 'over-lawyering' deals by keeping negotiations grounded in commercial reality. We typically turn around contracts within 24 hours of receipt to ensure that "it's with legal" doesn't become a phrase that delays or kills deals.

With extensive experience negotiating complex client and vendor MSAs, SOWs, SaaS Agreements, Sales, Service, Supply, Distribution, Storage, Carrier, License, Employment, Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, and other Agreements, Out-House Attorneys helps you secure best-in-class contracts on best-in-class terms.

How It Works

Depending on contract volumes, one or more contract attorneys are assigned to work with you for as long as you need.

Your dedicated Out-House Attorney then collaborates with your internal team to define contract objectives and minimally-acceptable terms.

Once expectations are defined, you can email or share your client and vendor contracts via our secure cloud-based document management system.

Your Out-House Attorney then reviews and marks-up your contracts, and either seeks your instructions or liaises directly with your client and vendor to negotiate and finalize the contract. 

Why Use Contract Overflow


Contract overflow typically indicates one of two things:

(1) Inefficient Contract Workflows; or

(2) A sudden influx of new business.


Either way, contract backlog is costing you money in lost business.

That doesn't mean your business should sign everything. Contracts need to be reviewed and negotiated.


However, without years of experience reviewing a wide variety of contracts and negotiating their terms, you can't be expected to spot what's missing, what needs fixing, and how to negotiate a solution.

That's what Out-House Attorneys is for. Our contract attorneys are adept at quickly turning around large volumes of complex contracts to help you close deals faster, and on better terms.

Enjoy on-demand support from your Out-House Attorney that costs less as your hours increase.


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