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1.  About the name...

Raises an eyebrow, doesn't it? Out-House Attorneys combines the best elements of the Outside counsel with the In-House attorney to create a new breed of outside general counsel. However, the name serves a second purpose. There are so many law firms out there named '[Partner Name] & Associates' that most are instantly forgotten.


Out-House Attorneys might raise an eyebrow or two, but no-one ever forgets our name!


2.  What industries do you serve?

Every organization's legal and contract needs are unique. No two businesses are the same, so we have adapted our practice to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, tech companies, global payment processors, artificial intelligence tools, blockchain companies, global manufacturers, investment banks, entertainment companies, waste management providers, biotech companies, and global reinsurers.


3.  How are you able to charge such low fees for legal services?

In December 2020, a leading legal recruiter published their annual partner compensation survey. This survey showed that the average law firm partner made over $1 million in compensation that year (despite 2020 being a year where most businesses struggled just to remain open). Most law firms charge ludicrous fees, and much of those fees goes to lining partners' pockets.

Out-House Attorneys is different. We're not interested in turning your profits into our own. We keep our fees low by maintaining low overhead costs, leveraging legal tech tools to optimize our practice, and by significantly reducing margins.


4.  How are you different from a regular law firm?

Where do we start? Regular law firms remain stuck in the buy/sell dynamic of legal services. They are often inaccessible, typically charge ludicrous hourly fees, and focus more on meeting a monthly fee quota than on creating value.

Out-House Attorneys is the exact opposite. We favor a more aligned and symbiotic relationship with clients, we partner our clients with a dedicated attorney to ensure accessibility and consistency, and our services are focused on creating real value and ROI. Additionally, our pricing is transparent, modest, and we do everything in our power to avoid surprise legal bills.


5.  How are you different from traditional in-house counsel?

We share many similarities with traditional in-house counsel. After all, Out-House Attorneys are outside in-house counsel. The greatest difference lies in how we meet your day-to-day legal needs.

Traditional in-house counsel are employees. This means that they can become embroiled in employee issues that make them inefficient (e.g. office politics, inter-department feuds, and unnecessary meetings). This can make in-house counsel expensive, inefficient, and adversarial to sales/marketing functions.

Out-House Attorneys are not employees of your business. This means you don't have to pay a full-time salary, paid leave, and statutory benefits, and you avoid messy terminations.

It also means that your Out-House Attorney isn't burdened by employee-centric distractions. We remain focused on creating value with our services. This requires us to adopt a collaborative posture with internal teams, to maximize efficiency with the latest legal tech tools, and to complete our work promptly so that nothing gets "stuck with legal."


6.  What happens if I use more hours than my subscription allows?

Your Out-House Attorney tracks their hours each month and will let you know when you hit the number of hours allocated by your subscription. If you exceed your subscription, the excess hours will be invoiced at a pro-rated hourly rate to match your subscription rate. If the excess hours bring you into a higher subscription tier, then you will be charged less per hour for all hours in that month (not just the excess).


7.  Do I need to pay anything up front?

No. We don't invoice for anything in advance. Our invoices are normally sent out at the end of each calendar month, payable on 30-day terms.


8.  Is there a minimum term for subscriptions?

No. Our subscription pricing assumes a term of at least one-month, but you can cancel at any time with written notice.


9.  Do you provide support in my state?

Yes! We serve clients across the United States, and provide state-side support to global companies with a registered presence in the U.S.


Our nationwide team can match your time zone, provide extended East/West Coast coverage, or work completely asynchronously.