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Introducing: Ongoing Contract Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a buzzword that gets thrown out a lot. In a nutshell, CLM simply means managing contracts between your business, clients, and vendors, while properly reducing financial, legal, and operational risk. Out-House Attorneys' new Ongoing Contract Management (OCM) service is the CLM support you've been looking for.

What Does OCM Include?

With some exceptions, Ongoing Contract Management takes the wheel once a contract has been executed. (For pre-execution help with contracts, see our Contract Overflow Support service).

Once your procurement team has secured a contract, it is passed to the Out-House team where we:

  • Review the contract

  • Enter it into our AI-powered contract management software

  • Ensure that all parties have executed the contract

  • Track the performance of all contract obligations (e.g. Monthly Reports)

  • Ensure no documents are missing (e.g. SOWs and Exhibits)

  • Track key dates (e.g. price escalations, renewal dates)

  • Refine metadata and tags for immediate search and retrieval

  • Encrypt the contract files for storage

  • Audit all outgoing invoices; and

  • Alert your team when action is required (e.g. Wage Determination Escalations & Equitable Adjustments).

Why Do I Need This?

Have you ever...

Forgotten to invoice a client?

Realized the contract wasn't signed after completing the work?

Had a dispute with a client, but lost the contract?

Well, that doesn't happen when we take care of your contracts. We take care of all of the administration so your team can focus on doing the work and running the business.

Don't pay tens of thousands every year for a Contract Administrator that just files your paperwork. Contact Out-House Attorneys to take advantage of our legal expertise, contract experience, and investment in cutting edge CLM technology.

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