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"It's with Legal" - Words that Kill Deals

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Everyone in sales knows the feeling. You and your counterpart have great rapport, things are moving along nicely, and the core terms have already been decided. Then comes the momentum killer: "We just have to get legal to sign-off."

Sending an MSA or other contract to a legal department can ruin the momentum, and sometimes kill a deal altogether.

In my experience, this is because the lawyers in legal departments often lack business experience. They get caught arguing over inconsequential terms, trying to avoid some highly unlikely technical apocalypse rather than grounding their review and negotiations in commercial reality. At best, the result is a back-and-forth that can sour a business relationship before it even gets started. At worst, the loss of momentum or argument over terms can kill a deal altogether. With the latter, attorneys often feel self-congratulatory, believing that they have helped to avoid corporate calamity, while their peers in sales and marketing are grieving the loss of new business.

Fortunately, there's a better solution! One that balances the lawyer's interest in appropriately protecting the business whilst also maintaining the momentum and rapport being built by sales. That solution: OUT-HOUSE ATTORNEYS, LLC.

Every attorney at Out-House Attorneys has real experience in business - in operations, sales, marketing, and of course, legal. This experience grounds our contract reviews and negotiations in commercial reality.

We believe so much in the need for speed and commercially-reasonable terms, that if we don't return our first red-lines to our client within 24-hours of commencement - they don't pay for it!

Not only does this help to seal deals faster, but it build on the rapport being developed between the two organizations. Our legal and business expertise combine to deliver our clients faster deals, closer relationships, and best-in-class terms.

If you're ready for a legal team that works WITH your sales team - stop saying, "It's with legal", and start saying, "It's with Out-House - you'll have it by tomorrow".

Contact us today to get started. We're ready when you are!

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