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Why People Hate Lawyers

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Almost every business professional has had a bad experience with an attorney. The details of each experience vary, but often have something to do with fees. Attorneys' fees are the single greatest issue most have with legal professionals, and it usually comes down to one cause: the 'billable hour.'

There is a lot of bad things to be said about the traditional billable hour. For one, it creates an incentive for the attorney to work slowly. It rewards the attorney for making matters more complicated that they need to be, and leads to 'over-lawyering' contract reviews, expensive back-and-forth between lawyers, and a complete loss of commercial reality.

The billable hour also leads to ridiculous costs. In December 2020, Major, Lindsay & Africa - a leading legal recruitment firm - published their annual Partner Compensation Survey. The survey showed that the average law firm partner compensation made over $1M in 2020. This was in a year where many businesses struggled to stay afloat in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. If nothing else, this shows that a great portion of the billable hour is straight 'partner profit'.

However, (often ridiculous) costs aside, there is a nefarious side effect to the billable hour that is far more devastating than extra spending. Clients become so tired and fearful of being 'nickled-and-dimed' that they avoid calling their attorney when they should. The billable hour quickly becomes a disincentive for clients to call and rely upon the expertise of their should-be legal advisor. This leads to avoidable missteps that require more help (and fees) from the attorney than would have arisen from that avoided phone call.

Out-House Attorneys, LLC. isn't interested in nickle-and-diming its clients. Our modest fees avoid ridiculous 'partner profit', our retainers offer a monthly fixed-price solution, and we don't charge for time unless it adds value to our clients.

In short, we're not interested in turning your bottom line into ours.

If you're tired of lining the pockets of overpaid partners, if you want legal services grounded in commercial reality, or if you want a legal advisor that's a partner to you and not an ivory tower - contact Out-House Attorneys. We provide the same legal services as traditional in-house and outside counsel, but at a fraction of the cost.

Click here for our transparent pricing information.

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