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Privacy Compliance in the Era of Awareness

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Global jurisdictions are increasingly aware that data privacy means more than just data security, leading to data privacy laws like the GDPR and CCPA. As data subjects become similarly aware of their new rights, compliance has never been more important.

Compliance now requires a comprehensive privacy framework, including at a minimum:

  • Regularly-updated Privacy Policy

  • Website Terms of Service

  • Vendor vetting procedures

  • Data Protection Agreements with Vendors and Service Providers

  • Certifications for certain data-processing activities (e.g. processing credit cards)

  • Established procedures for handling data rights requests

  • Mapping where and how data is collected, processed, transmitted, and stored

  • Cyber insurance policies with sufficient coverage

  • Ongoing training for employees

  • Confidentiality agreements for all processors handling the data

  • Regular internal and external penetration tests

Most importantly, organizations must do what their privacy policies and contracts say they are going to do!

Failure to comply with privacy laws or adopt these minimum standards has profound consequences. Damage to an organization's brand from a data breach or privacy violation can be just as bad as the multi-million-dollar fines for non-compliance.

With global lawmakers and millions of data subjects turning their attention to data privacy, it is no longer possible for organizations to get by with a relaxed attitude.

Most literally cannot afford the consequences.

Are your organization's data privacy standards up to date? Contact Out-House Attorneys to speak with an experienced data privacy attorney today.

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