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The Bottom Line: How the 'Out-House' Model Saves Money

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

There's no shortage of 'lawyer jokes', but the hefty costs associated with legal services are no laughing matter. Whether you're using outside counsel or an in-house legal team, the hourly fees and annual salary are huge hits to your bottom line. By introducing the world to the 'Out-House' Attorney, Out-House Attorneys, LLC. is utilizing the fractional legal services model to save its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, and solving the decades-long problem of expensive legal fees in the process.

What is an Out-House Attorney?

The Out-House Attorney is exactly what it sounds like - so long as you're not thinking about a toilet!

It is an attorney that combines the best elements of outside legal counsel and the in-house legal team into one affordable solution. The Out-House Attorney is an on-demand legal expert with intimate knowledge of its client's organization. The main difference between the Out-House Attorney and their namesakes is that they do not charge hefty fees!

Clients can choose to engage their Out-House Attorney on a:

  • hourly basis, using the traditional billable hour (at a reasonable fee);

  • fixed-fee basis, agreeing to a single fee for a specific project; or

  • monthly retainer, reserving a monthly bucket of hours with an unlimited work scope.

Clients *finally* have a choice about how they engage their attorney, and the result is lower (and predictable) legal fees.

How Does This Save Money?

The Out-House model gives organizations an alternative to expensive hourly attorneys or the full-time salary (and benefits) of an in-house legal team.

One of our early clients was spending almost $200,000 per year on a salaried corporate counsel. They were also spending tens of thousands each year on outside counsel for projects that were beyond the corporate counsel's expertise.

This client replaced their corporate counsel with a 40-hour per month retainer with Out-House Attorneys at a cost of $8,000 per month. Their Out-House Attorney was also able to use the retainer hours to complete the tasks typically given to the client's outside counsel.

At $8,000 per month, this client now spends just $96,000 per year on their legal fees - more than a 50% reduction! Because of the seniority and experience of the Partners at Out-House Attorneys, the client is also getting more out of their 40-hour retainer than they were out of their full-time corporate counsel.

The Bottom Line

Gone are the days where a business or organization needs to pay crazy fees for legal advice or representation. The days of receiving surprise legal bills in the mail have been relegated to the past. The age of the Out-House Attorney has arrived! If you're ready to remedy your bottom-line and reduce your organization's legal expenses, contact us today. Your Out-House Attorney can't wait to meet you!

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