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What is Ongoing Contract Management?

Contract management is the process of organizing contract creation, execution, and analysis to maximize performance and reduce financial risk. It is the intentional curation and optimization of the entire contract lifecycle, from the RFP to renewal.

At Out-House Attorneys, Ongoing Contract Management is about more than just making sure your contracts are signed and kept in one place.  It is about optimizing contract workflows to ensure:

  • Consistent Administration

  • Delivery of Obligation Performance

  • Compliance with Reporting Requirements

  • Document Security & Integrity; and

  • Seamless Renewal/Transition

Out-House Attorneys' Ongoing Contract Management support is the service that allows you and your team to stay focused on business operations rather than administrative distractions.

How It Works

The process depends on the sophistication of your existing contract management program. We can provide a contract administrator that jumps into your existing program, or you can simply give us all of your contracts and we will sort and build them into our AI-powered contract management program.

Costing less than the average Contract Administrator position, our Ongoing Contract Management service includes:

  • Initial Solicitation and Request for Proposal (RFP) Review

  • Execution Monitoring

  • Obligation Performance Tracking

  • Missing Document Management

  • Key Dates Tracking (e.g. price indexation, expirations)

  • Secure Document Storage

  • Reporting Requirements Auditing

  • Invoice Auditing; and

  • Compensation Adjustments (e.g. Wage Determination Escalations & Equitable Adjustments).

Why Use Our Ongoing Contract Management Service?

Businesses loses millions of dollars every year in failed service level credits, missed compensation escalation opportunities, and bad contract terms.

Our Contract Management support program combines AI-powered contract management software with years of experience managing multi-million dollar commercial and government contracts.

By using our Ongoing Contract Management service, your team can remain focused on operations while we take care of contractual pitfalls and administrative minutia.

Expert contract management has never been more accessible.


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