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What is Transition Support?

Managing the temporary or permanent departure of legal counsel is about more than just hiring their replacement. It is about optimizing the transition so that knowledge is preserved, documented, and passed to a successor with as little business interruption as possible.

Our Transition Support Service ensures that your business has the time and resources to find the right replacement for departing counsel, and includes:

  • Knowledge transfer with departing counsel 

  • Documentation of information, procedures, and in-flight tasks

  • Preservation or transfer of account credentials

  • Backfilling the role until a suitable replacement is found; and  

  • Training the replacement or transition into a permanent GCaaS or Overflow Support role

How It Works

The process depends on when your departing counsel is leaving. The sooner you contact us, the smoother the transition.

Provided we are engaged before your departing counsel leaves, we will:

  • Assign a suitably qualified commercial lawyer to meet with departing counsel and all stakeholders

  • Document departing counsel's responsibilities, institutional knowledge, and procedures

  • Identify and track all key dates and in-flight tasks (e.g., contract renewals, reporting requirements)

  • Preserve or transfer ownership of all account logins

  • Perform all duties of departing counsel

  • Assist Human Resources to identify, select, and train the long-term replacement

Our clients are so happy with their assigned Out-House Attorney that Transition Support frequently becomes a permanent placement!

Why Rely on Transition Support?

Clients rely on Transition Support because we make sure that everything will be okay.

Our attorneys have served as General Counsel and practiced in Am Law 100 firms. We know what questions to ask and how to make the most of the time left with departing counsel.

Many businesses panic when trusted legal counsel departs unexpectedly or goes out on temporary leave – especially if they have been with the business for a long time.

Don't create more problems by pursuing a knee-jerk hire. Contact us as soon as possible to keep the balling rolling. 

Managing an unexpected departure has never been so easy.


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