Talent Spotlight: Lisa Nieuwveld

We are excited to announce the recent hiring of Lisa Nieuwveld as Commercial Counsel! A career, cross-border attorney, Lisa brings over 17 years of negotiation, litigation, arbitration, and transactional experience to the Out-House team.

Read on to learn more about Lisa and why she chose Out-House Attorneys, LLC.

Q: Why did you choose OHA?

A: I was immediately impressed by the firm's approachability and sharpness. Its presentation skills and in-depth operational and legal knowledge are impressive. Today's commercial lawyers need to roll up their sleeves and help businesses manage hurdles and facilitate growth — not debate theoretical “what ifs.” I knew I could thrive in this environment.

Q: What do you think clients look for in legal counsel?

A: Pragmatism and Commercialism. My clients are running a business, so everything I do should empower their mission, not hinder it.

Q: What are the greatest achievements in your legal career (so far)?

A: My career has been broad and varied, making this a difficult question to answer! I drafted large portions of the legal arguments that overturned an arbitral award based in Russia (before Dutch courts), correcting the wrongs inflicted on an oil company turned political victim. It had a large impact in the arbitral world, and it was rather exciting to be a contributor to that team.

Q: You have an incredibly impressive resume. What is the most valuable attribute you offer to clients?

A: The greatest value I offer stems from the one truly key achievement in my legal career (the one that matters most): the importance of communication, transparency, and truly caring about their business.

If your business or in-house team needs dedicated legal support from an experienced commercial attorney, contact Lisa directly at LNieuwveld@outhouseattorneys.com.

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